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Submission FAQ

Submission FAQ

  • Q1. How can I present my paper if I am unable to attend the conference in person?y

    Ans: You can opt for a virtual presentation, either through a Live Video Presentation or a PowerPoint Virtual Presentation.

  • Q2. What equipment do I need for a Live Video Presentation?

    Ans: A laptop with a headset or a desktop with a webcam and microphone/headset, along with an updated Chrome browser.

  • Q3. How does the PowerPoint Virtual Presentation option work?

    Ans: Simply submit your PowerPoint presentation with embedded video and/or audio. It will be uploaded on the conference website.

  • Q4. Will my abstract be included if I choose a virtual presentation?

    Ans:Yes, abstracts for virtual presentations will be published in the Abstract Book.

  • Q5. Is there an opportunity to publish my work in the conference proceedings for virtual presentations?

    Ans: Absolutely, opting for a virtual presentation provides the opportunity to publish your work in the conference proceedings. Video Presentation link