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"Empowering Scholars: IFERP's Commitment to Talent Recognition and Development"

Scholarship Categories

IFERP's Investment in Scholarly Growth:
Partial In-Person Scholarship!
At the core of IFERP's mission is the recognition and celebration of talent. Through our Partial In-Person Scholarship, covering 40% of the registration fee and based on specific eligibility criteria, we offer opportunities to ten scholars to participate in our vibrant learning conferences. Our goal is to ignite collaborative sparks and foster enriching experiences that go beyond conventional boundaries, empowering scholars to thrive in their academic pursuits.
Embracing Digital Frontiers:
Partial Virtual Scholarship!
IFERP is dedicated to unlocking the opportunities of virtual engagement, particularly for talented researchers who may encounter obstacles in attending conferences in person. Our Partial In-Person Scholarship, which includes a 20% registration fee waiver and is awarded based on a few eligibility criteria, provides ten scholars with the chance to partake in our dynamic learning conferences. We aspire to kindle collaborative synergies and cultivate transformative experiences that surpass traditional limits, thereby empowering scholars to excel in their academic endeavours.
Honouring Excellence:
Full Scholarship Recognition!
Our Full Scholarship, providing a complete waiver, stands as a symbol of exceptional achievement for one remarkable individual. Your steadfast dedication and exemplary work ethic do not go unnoticed as we proudly recognize and honour your invaluable contributions to the academic community. This scholarship serves as both a validation of your hard work and a significant investment in your future academic pursuits!
    Eligibility Criteria:
  • Academic Excellence: Applicants must demonstrate outstanding academic performance in their field of study, typically evidenced by academic transcripts or recommendation letters.
  • Research Contribution: Candidates should have made significant contributions to research or academic projects relevant to the conference themes or focus areas.
  • Financial Need: Preference may be given to scholars who demonstrate financial need and would benefit significantly from the scholarship opportunity.
  • Conference Participation: Applicants should express a genuine interest in actively participating in the conference sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities.
  • Commitment to Learning and Collaboration: Candidates should demonstrate a willingness to engage in collaborative discussions, share knowledge, and contribute positively to the conference community.
  • Professional Goals: Applicants should articulate how attending the conference aligns with their professional goals, career aspirations, and academic development.
  • Submission of Required Documents: Candidates must submit all necessary documents, such as a CV, research abstract, recommendation letters, or any other materials specified by IFERP.