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Presentation Guidelines

Presentation Guidelines

  • Physical Presentation Guidelines
  • Poster Presentation
  • Virtual Presentation

Physical Presentation Guidelines

For presenters delivering their content in person, these guidelines ensure an impactful presentation, fostering engagement and meaningful discussions. Our registration fee packages Registration Link offer numerous benefits tailored to physical presenters.

  • Live Video Presentation
  • Power Point Virtual Presentation

Presentation Tips:

  • Sequence and Relevancy: Craft a logical sequence for your slides, ensuring each builds a seamless path to the next.
  • Graphs and Charts: Enhance understanding by using graphs and charts to illustrate key points clearly.
  • Simplicity is Key:Avoid excessive complexity. Simplify graphs and charts to prevent confusion. Steer clear of flashy effects and colors—keep it straightforward for a lasting message.
  • 6-6-6 Rule: Adhere to the 6-6-6 rule for impactful slides: maximum 6 words per bullet, 6 bullets per slide, and a maximum of 6 consecutive text slides. Opt for concise wording and effective imagery for a powerful impact.
  • Font Considerations: Prioritize high-contrast, easy-to-read fonts common to most computers. Avoid ALL CAPS, italics, and distracting enhancements. Aim for a minimum 30-point font size for clarity and visibility.
  • Keep your presentation within the 8-10 minute timeframe.