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Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

    Guidelines for Abstract Submission:

    Abstract Structure:

  • Abstracts must be written in English.
  • Keep your abstract within the 500-word limit.
  • We encourage detailed abstracts, providing a comprehensive summary of your paper.
  • Submission Process:

  • Submit your abstract conveniently through the provided link.
  • Expect a prompt decision on acceptance within 48 hours of submission.
  • Steps to Follow for Abstract Submission:

  • 1. Submit your abstract online or email it to info@wcmri.org.
  • 2. Receive an acknowledgment email within three working days.
  • 3. If you don't hear back, contact us promptly at info@wcmri.org.
    Process of Evaluation
  • Within two to three days of receipt, your abstract will be subjected to a double-blind peer evaluation by a scientific review committee.
  • Within two to 4 days of submission, the author will receive the results of the abstract review.
  • If there is a need for a change, the amended abstract must be returned within a week.
  • You will receive rejections of your manuscript along with reviewer suggestions to help you improve your study.
    Full Paper Submission Guidelines

    1. Each paper should comprise three sections:

  • Background, Motivation, and Objective
  • Statement of Contribution/Methods
  • Results, Discussions, and Conclusions
  • 2. Total pages must be 6 in a double-column format.

    3. Additionally, consider the total number of characters, excluding spaces, Title, Author Names, and Affiliations.